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to help businesses uncover problems and ensure efficiency

We merge traditional and innovative approaches, combined with a consistent methodology, to help businesses uncover problems and ensure efficiency while we deliver quality audit services

Statutory Audit Services
We offer statutory audit services to International Standards and in compliance to the Companies Act, 2002. We have qualified and experienced staff conversant with local and international environments.

Other Audit Services
We wish to point out that other than statutory audits we have on offer to you the following audit services:

Internal Audit
We review internal controls, assess risks and advise on ways of avoiding them and improving the quality of controls and their effectiveness in avoiding errors and frauds. This is what is called Internal Audit Outsourcing. With outsourcing you will avail yourself the service of qualified and experienced professionals at optimal cost.

Investigative Audits
You may also require investigative audit service where a specific event requires specialized in depth probe in company records for a professional opinion. We are at your service when you require such service.


We are tax advisors, with experts in tax law, planning and compliance. We serve businesses and individuals alike by staying current on new tax law and positioning taxpayers for short and long term tax optimization. We are providing the following services:

We are tax advisors, with experts in tax law, planning and compliance

  • Income Tax Matters
    Certifying/Filling of provisional and final tax returns for all kinds of organization
  • Employment and other statutory taxes

    Main taxes and deductions are: -
    • PAYE;
    • Skills and Development Levy;
    • NSSF/PPF social security contributions.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT). To carry out VAT health checks every end of the month on the overall compliance procedures as a measure of preventing/preempting back duty review audit by tax authorities and in particular to do the following: -
    • Verify VAT computations;
    • Ascertain the equitable vatable revenue;
    • Prepare representations to tax authorities in defense or mitigation of disputed taxable affairs or in the case of litigations in court cases drafting technical tax submissions for our clients:
    • Preparing VAT claims/refunds where meritorious cases occur.
  • Withholding Taxes. To verify all company transactions having withholding tax implications e.g. Property, capital and loans ensure that withholding taxes e.g. on rent, interest, royalties, dividend; etc have been properly booked and where due, are paid:
  • Capital Gains Tax. For landed properties and other real estates that have to be disposed capital gains tax will, without doubt, arise more so because of inflation factors and the depreciation of the Tanzania shilling. ABC Assurance Services carries on proper evaluation of such capital gains tax and advises our clients accordingly.
  • Municipal Taxes Municipal service Levies; Property Tax.

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